Beautifully produced instructional videos for beginning and rebooting a gentle, therapeutic yoga practice

Poor posture or injury can weaken and tighten the muscles that support our spine.  Long hours at the computer can further aggravate the problem, which may cause chronic pain. You can now take action to heal and strengthen your back.

Yoga Instructor, Kanta Barrios, focuses on exercises that strengthen and release tension in muscles that are commonly at the root of back problems. By learning correct alignment and practicing a few key actions you will build strength, increase flexibility, experience balance and benefit from a strong and pain free back. 

Watch the preview video to the side for a taste of this therapeutic practice.

Preview: Yoga Therapy for Back Pain & Stress Relief

Rated 5 stars by NM from Tennessee

This video does the trick for my chronic back pain. I find it an essential part of my weekly exercise routine and try to do it several times a week. I have attended live classes and while I do enjoy them scheduling can be an issue. This sequence allows me to practice effective yoga routinely....I have tried several (10-15) yoga videos and for lower back pain this is my favorite.
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Yoga Therapy for Back Pain and Stress Relief

Yoga Therapy for Back Pain and Stress Relief

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This DVD offers a complete program to help alleviate back pain and stress, offering simple, effective and easy to follow yoga exercises that help prevent and alleviate back pain and You can either download and follow along with the full recording – about 60 minutes of instruction – or purchase and try the individual segments as stand-alone short programs.