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Meditation 101 - Part 1 

Whether you’re about to meditate for the first or 100th time, it’s great to ask yourself these basic questions: What is meditation? Why meditate? and How do you do it?

As you explore these questions, as I have for the past 27 years, you'll find that there are many answers from many sources, including what may be the most valuable one: your own experience.  Without fail, the simple step of asking these questions can be a wonderful way to start or jumpstart your practice of meditation.

Part I of this post…

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Hatha Yoga for the Mind, Body and Soul 

Hatha Yoga is a powerful practice that involves assuming different asanas, or postures, while remaining conscious of the cycle of breath. Its benefits extend from obvious bodily improvements, to mental peace and clarity. However, launching into a yoga practice without proper guidance can be dangerous, and poorly executed asanas can lead to injury. To reap the fruits of Hatha Yoga, it is important that your teacher is a seasoned veteran, not a new practitioner with a certification from a weekend course…Read more